Hand made sweet potato sausage VS sweet potato bread with squid

Material  (1 serving) 

150 grams of sweet potato, 30 grams of ground meat, 30 cm of casing, 1 garlic, 1 broccoli, 1 small cucumber, half a willow, 20 grams of toast, a little onion, half a preserved egg, half a salted duck egg, 1 egg One, one in the middle, a little coriander.


Spice powder 1/8 spoon, Sanna powder 1/8 spoon, a little onion, 1/4 spoon of pepper, 1/8 spoon of salt, 1/4 spoon of sugar.


1. Tricolor sweet potato egg brick: Steam 50g of sweet potatoes and mash them. Separate the egg white and the egg yolk. Shell and chop the salted duck egg. Mix the chopped egg with the mashed sweet potatoes and the egg yolk. Pour the mixture into the mold and steam it. Then, shell and chop the preserved duck egg. Mix the chopped egg with the egg white and pour it into the mold used in the previous step. This is the second steamed egg. After steaming it, let it cool down for later use.
2. Sweet potato bread with squid:Diced 50g of sweet potatoes, toast and garlic separately. Deep-fry the diced sweet potatoes and mix them well with the diced toast, fried shallot, and chopped garlic; this will be used for the stuffing. Stuff the mixture into the squid stomach. Blanch it first and smoke it for more flavor.
3. Sweet potato sausage: Add the five-spice powder, the sand ginger powder, the minced garlic, and the pepper to the minced meat. Crush the meat against the table until it becomes sticky. Add the 50g of diced sweet potatoes to the seasoned minced meat. Mix them well and stuff it into the casing. Fry it until cooked.
4. Cut the broccoli into pieces and blanch them. Slice the cucumber into thin layers and dip them into ice water for a few seconds. Peel the orange and take out the pulp. Slice 2 and 3, and finish the dish by arranging 1 and the other ingredients on the plate.

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