Introduction to culture procedure

Cultivation of seeds

Cultivate virus-free
healthy seedlings

Green & screen-house

fortified healthy seedlings
Trained healthy seedlings

Field planting

healthy seedlings are provided
to the farmers under contract
to plant without worry

Pesticide testing

Pesticide testing

Refrigeration technology

professional humidity and
temperature controller to maintain
the high quality of the sweet potatoes

Washing technology

Japanese professional washers were
introduced to ensure and
maintain the washing quality

optical sorting

The professional lightwave screening equipment can rigorously screen out the pests and the infected sweet potatoes and can do customized grading as well

Packaging and delivery

efficient packaging equipment process
to increase productivity


Good sweet potatoes are grown from shoots from mature sweet potatoes called slips. Besides special horticulture equipment, good soil is the key factor to growing healthy and big sweet potatoes. To enhance their knowledge and production, our farmers have since 2012 adopted the Sweet Potato Disease Removal and Enhanced Propagation Techniques developed and transferred by Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture. Our farmers now have a wide variety of starter slips, fields in top condition, and the best techniques to grow top-of-the-range sweet potatoes.


After harvesting, our sweet potatoes remain in a chain of chilled logistics from our farmers’ warehouses to our processing facilities to the delivery trucks to your store. Japanese machinery rinses, sorts, inspects, and grades the sweet potatoes-and only the best are branded with the Babatata label.


Conventional sorting relies on fallible human skill. At Babatata we use state-of-the-art optical sorting machines imported from Japan that cleanse and optically scan and grade the sweet potatoes.
Sophisticated measuring techniques assess each sweet potato’s pulp quality, size, and weight. Sweet potatoes lacking in pulp quality or exterior appearance are discarded to ensure that only the very best reach our customers-every bite as wholesome as delicious.
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