Two-color sweet potato noodles with melon and melon fried shrimp

Material (1 serving)

100 grams of purple sweet potato, 150 grams of yellow sweet potato, 50 grams of high-gluten flour, 1 hand-made Q plum, 10 grams of cucumber, 10 grams of eggs, 10 grams of carrots, 50 grams of white radish, 1 seaweed, 3 shrimps, pig Appropriate amount of ground meat, a little pig oil net, ginger amount.


A little salt, sesame oil, 50 grams of sweet potato powder, a little rice wine, 40 grams of sesame paste, 30 grams of thin salt soy sauce, a little miso, 50 grams of white powder.


1. Sweet potato noodles: Steam the sliced sweet potatoes and mash them. Add flour and make it a stiff but not sticky dough. Let it rest for 30 minutes and cut it into noodle-like strips. After steaming the strips, take them out and dip them into ice water for a cool-down. Take them out again and mix them with sesame oil.
2. Shred the cucumber, carrot, and radish. Dip them into ice water for a few seconds. On the other hand, fry the egg in a thin-pancake shape. Save both for later use. Shred the seaweed.
3. Sweet potato fried-shrimps: Pat and mash the shrimps. Mix it with the minced meat and crush the mixture against the table until it becomes sticky. Add rice wine and minced ginger to marinate the mixture. Add the shredded sweet potatoes into the shrimp stuffing. Bundle it with a lard net. Dip it with tapioca starch and deep-fry it until it becomes golden brown.
4. Sauce:
(1) The fried-shrimp sauce is brewed with plum, mirin, and a little water. Add a little bit of sesame oil for the final touch.
(2) Add low-salt soy sauce to the sesame paste. Mix them well. This is the sauce for the cold noodles.
5. Decorate the plate with all the finished parts.

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