With Taiwan’s endemic four seasons, coupled with carefully selected varieties and farming groups that work together as a team, we harvest at the best time to retain the fresh taste of sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are classified and screened and the most suitable consumption method is selected, thereby making sweet potatoes rich in dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins the best choice for replenishing physical strength. The Ching Chiuan Sweet Potato Company (CCSP) premium fresh sweet potatoes and processed sweet potato products provide you the safest and healthiest great taste!

Golden Sweet Potato

Species: TNG 57
Features:Yellow skin and yellow fruit pulp, soft and loose texture, intense flavors after cooked.

Red gold sweet potato

Species:TNG 66
Features:Tangerine fruit pulp contains rich β-Carotene with soft and loose texture.

Purple gold sweet potato

Species:Purple sweet potato
Features:Purple skin and fruit pulp with rich anthocyanin and springy (yet firm) texture.


Package:500mg/pack, 20packs/box
Outer CTN:480*240 & 210mm
Net weight:10kg

Package:Bare package, 5kg/box
Outer CTN:430*260*130mm

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